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Membership TYPES
Citizen Membership
  •  Monthly Live Webinar: Current Events: By Chance or By Design. Watch as a Viewer.
  •  Monthly Webinar: Liberty Link Education Series
  • Unlimited Replays: Enjoy unlimited access to all previously aired webinars.
  •  Members Only Discount Pricing: Up to 25% off of all Thomas Jefferson Center offerings.
Patriot Membership
  • Citizen Membership Benefits: All Citizen Memberships benefits are included.
  •   Monthly Live Webinar: Current Events: By Chance or By Design. Interact with the presenter(s) as a Participant.
  • Legacy Library Membership: All the benefits of a basic membership to the Legacy Library are included. 
  • VIP Access to TJC Affiliated Courses: Attend any class offered by selected education courses at no cost. Pay only for class materials.
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